A terrifying nightmare has stricken 5 brave adventurers simultaneously while aboard the Bloody Maiden…

A city in the desert, Mon’ Shadiir- the ancient city of dragons- looms on the horizon. Littered in the sandy sea are hundreds of massive skeletons, the only remnants of the once great and majestic city. The foreboding heat shimmers off the land, making the bones ripple and shake as if rising from the ground. High above the city flies a single Chromatic Dragon- Knight’s Bane. A massive wingspan that almost blacks out the sun lifts a huge, sinewy oil-black body that glistens sickeningly in the sun, a liquidy shimmer rippling down the length of it’s body as it circles in the sky. A loud “crack” off in the distance seems to trigger Knight’s Bane as he folds his wings and plummets straight for the city. He seems to fall for ages before disappearing behind the tall bleached stone walls of the city. But not a moment later, those same walls are pulverized by the force of the dragon’s impact. Buildings crumble like a truck through a glass window, dust bellows forward in a tidal wave of razor sharp kernels, clouds of smoke and debris race towards you, blackness enveloping the world, just as the first piece of sand creeps upon you-
SLAM SLAM SLAM A hulking fist pounds against your bed frame, waking you to a murky, darkly-lit storage area of an old ship
Refugees from another land, they band together

Knight's Bane rides again